CCP / Arts Commission Project Guidelines

Project Overview and Purpose

The City Center Partnership, in conjunction with the City of Joliet Arts Commission, seeks proposals for the commission of five pieces of art. Commissioned pieces will be displayed at local downtown Joliet businesses and at select events during the summer months.

Project Requirements

The chosen proposals will highlight, celebrate and be an expression of the cultural heritage of Joliet. Though not required, special consideration will be given to proposals that focus on a component of the industrial heritage that is central to identity of Joliet. Designs of all media will be considered, though the utilized medium must withstand Illinois weather as pieces must have qualities suitable for exterior display. Project proposals consisting of mixed media and artist collaboration are encouraged to ensure unique and creative use of media. Collaborative mixed media proposals will be given special consideration by the review committee.

Specific Parameters

  1. Must be durable and impervious to general handling and will be required to stand alone on/in a variety of substrates (concrete, gravel, dirt, mulch, etc.)
  2. Must be able to withstand all types of weather and be built for exterior display
  3. Must be between 30-42 inches tall
  4. Must be between 8-16 inches wide
  5. Must be a 3d design or a 2d design with a built-in standing apparatus

Proposal Requirements

All proposals must include a visual representation and written narrative. The visual representation of the proposed project must clearly delineate the intent of the artist. The selection committee will primarily review the feasibility and end result creativity of the proposal; thus, proposals with visual representations from rough contour line drawings through computer renderings will be considered as long as the quality of the visual aspect of the proposal is of a professional nature. The written description should augment the visual representation: there is no minimum word count and it should not exceed 200 words.

Proposal Submission Requirements

  1. Provide your current resume
  2. Provide an artist statement of interest (not to exceed 200 words)
  3. Provide a proposal description (not to exceed 200 words)
  4. Provide a visual representation (drawing, sketch, computer generated graphic, etc.)
  5. Provide at least two pictures of previous work samples
  6. Send all materials to lauren.las(at) 5pm on May 26th

Criteria for Selection

Proposals will be graded based on a variety of considerations, including:

  1. Meeting requirements and parameters
  2. Probable durability of final piece
  3. Special considerations defined above
  4. Creativity

Project Commission Award
Each piece will be commissioned for $1,000. Material costs and labor are built into the commission. Commissioned artists may choose to claim half ($500) of the award up front to cover costs for creation and development. Either the lump sum ($1000) or remainder ($500) will be dispersed upon receipt of the art work.


• Proposals are due no later than May 26th and must be submitted to Lauren Las
• Proposals will be reviewed by the City Center Partnership Beautification Committee after submittal deadline
• Accepted proposals will be announced no later than June 2nd
• Chosen proposals will be facilitated via a contract with the artist(s)
• Arrangements will be made for artists who choose the 50% option
• Final projects must be received no later than July 12th (details will be worked out with Lauren Las)

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact:
Lauren Las
City Center Partnership
203 N Ottawa St Suite 100
Joliet, IL 60432